Guest post by Rowena Fletcher-Wood

How do you create something? A picture, say, a performance, or a piece of writing?

You start with an idea, a shadow of the final opus, and you experiment, practice; you throw something down onto the paper and push the colours about until new words or shapes emerge from the writhing medley. Structures or sentences that may not be what you had imagined in the first place at all. And there, you have discovered something. Or created something. Where does discovery really begin and creation end?

Poring through over 100,000 medical recipes in ancient Chinese literature, researchers came across a tale of discovery – but this was no ordinary discovery. Shrouded in mystery, and written in even more mysterious prose; tangled, poetic, using words that turn away from their ancient meanings to become a new and powerful metaphor – this was the language of the alchemists. And the tale, told and retold, recoloured and refashioned, full of sparks and glints, already several centuries later than the events it describes, is the tale of flickering fire, the tale of how earth becomes light, a tale of metaphor. And there it is, pinyin, the fire medicine. (more…)

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