The other turtle dove must have flown

The answers to today’s quiz can be found here. Day 3′s quiz can be found here.

And on the second day of the Christmas quiz my true love brought to me…  the answers to yesterday’s posers (see below).

But first, it’s time for today’s questions: Which giant of total synthesis announced in September that he would be joining Rice University next year?

Richard Gee and his team at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, US, used molecular dynamics simulations to work out a way to decontaminate a deadly nerve gas, made famous by the Nicolas Cage film The Rock. What was the nerve agent ? Give yourself a bonus point if you know the chemical name of the compound!

And now the answers to yesterday’s brainteasers:

The molecule that resembles the Olympic rings was, of course, dubbed Olympicene. You can read our story about it here and read about the synthesis at Chemspider.

Craig Hill, an inorganic chemist at Emory University, was the researcher who asked for several of his papers to be retracted because he hadn’t actually broken the ‘oxo wall’ (the wall is a metaphor for the impossibility of forming terminal oxo bonds in elements in group 9 and beyond) as he first thought. You can read about the controversy here.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more questions.

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