14 May 2012: Have something to say about an article you’ve read on Chemistry World this week? Leave your comments below…


Ultra-low sulfur jet fuel on the radar
Desulfurising aeroplane fuel would improve public health but could have unanticipated effects on the climate

Plutonium in a spin
Japanese and US researchers have solved the decades-old problem of plutonium-239’s NMR spectrum

Enhancing fingerprints with electrochromism
A method to detect latent fingerprints on metal surfaces with a high level of detail

The death of UK science?
Campaign group launches with PR stunt to highlight perceived failings at physical sciences research council

Polymer gel squeezes and strains like an intestine
The oscillating Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction powers a tubular gel that expands and contracts in waves

Chiral confusion
There are a vast number of chiral crystals just waiting to be discovered, say scientists

Powering up retinal prosthetics
A system of video goggles and an artificial retina powered by infrared lasers could restore sight to the blind

Campaigners win fight to reform UK libel laws
New bill will protect scientists and journalists from vexatious suits when highlighting concerns with scientific evidence

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