15 April 2012: Have something to say about an article you’ve read on Chemistry World this week? Leave your comments below…

Sweden bans BPA in food packaging for under-threes
Government says it is taking a precautionary approach to the chemical to protect children

Painting the mountains blue
Vera Thoss tells Elinor Richards about her bluebell business and research, using her car in her experiments and analysing whale vomit

Nanocrystal probes mimic viruses to gain entry into cells
Polymers deliver nanocrystal probes for non-invasive imaging directly into cells within an hour

Polymers perform non-DNA evolution
Successful transcription of DNA to xeno-nucleic acids (XNA) and back again shows that life’s chemistry could have very different

An invisible menace for solar cells
Even minute impurities can affect bulk heterojunction solar cell efficiency by over 50%

Catalyst delivery and recovery using MOFs
A new catalyst delivery system using a metal-organic framework

Controlling an organocatalyst with pH
A catalytic group situated on a rotaxane can be switched on or off by altering where the macrocycle sits

Silicene grown for (probably) the first time
Scientists present the most compelling evidence yet for a one atom-thick sheet of silicon

Homogeneous catalyst recovery made easier
A solvent system that switches from one phase to two phases aids in catalyst recovery

Ionic liquid drugs hit the spot
Immobilising pharmaceutically active ionic liquids onto solid supports for better handling, stability and dosing

Voluntary controls on antibiotics on US farms criticised
The US Food and Drug Administration has introduced guidelines to try to cut antibiotic use in livestock

Giving drug dropouts a new lease of life
Cucurbiturils improve drug’s solubility by almost 3000 times offering ditched molecules another spin of the wheel

Synthetic chemists print labware to order
Chemists threaten to put glassblowers out of work using a 3D printer to produce dynamic reaction vessels

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