9 October 2011: Have something to say about an article you’ve read on Chemistry World this week? Leave your comments below…

Following electrons’ chemical reaction quickstep
Researchers have taken a series of snapshots to watch how electrons rearrange during a photochemical reaction

Carbon nanotubes give artificial muscles a new twist

A powerful artificial muscle fibre has been made from carbon nanotubes that twist in response to an electrochemical stimulus

Beating the counterfeiters

A multifunctional anti-counterfeit ink to stay one step ahead of fake money makers

Fluoride shuttle batteries lift off

Rechargeable batteries based on fluoride ions could have a better storage capacity than current batteries

Probes inspired by butterflies

An artificial proboscis made from electrospun polymer fibres

Hot chemistry
Temperature played a crucial role in David MacMillan’s decision to study chemistry. Joanne Thomson finds out more

A polymer plug for blood vessels

The makers of the gel say it is less damaging than using clamps to block blood vessels for surgery

Hope for arsenic free water from deep underground

Sediment deep underground could protect communities from water contaminated with arsenic by locking the toxic element away

Growing gallium nitride LEDs on glass

A technique that grows gallium nitride crystals on glass could cut the cost of making LEDs

New probe throws light on cellular lipids

Signalling lipids in living cells have been tracked using highly specific binding proteins coupled with an organic dye

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