25 September 2011: Have something to say about an article you’ve read on Chemistry World this week? Leave your comments below…

Messenger sheds light on Mercury’s formation
Nasa probe may rewrite the books on the birth of the solar system’s smallest planet

Colourful research

Jeremy Smith tells Ruth Doherty why choosing inorganic chemistry was a case of columns versus colour

Solving a tangled polymer problem

A new model can predict flow behaviour of branched polymer melts like LDPE

Breathing life into medical devices

Tiny piezoelectric polymer belts produce electricity from respiration

Conjuring up gram quantities of a stabilising anion

German chemists have made gram quantities of an extremely useful anion via a rather scary route

Interview: Giles Cottier

The president of SAFC has set ambitious growth targets that he plans to meet by sticking close to his customers

Bacteria: the ultimate secret agent

Chemists have hidden secret messages in fluorescent bacteria using colour couplets to encode letters and punctuation

Patching up patients with a heart of gold

Cell communication in a patch designed to heal damaged hearts can be improved using gold nanowires

Electric vehicles set to charge ahead

Batteries may be the future for cars but there are still a number of technical hurdles to overcome

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