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Science budget ringfence questioned by report

Changes to what is defined as science could see the UK science budget fall by as much as £1.7 billion

US job concerns hamper environmental rules

Obama retreats on ozone and greenhouse gas regulations amid economic concerns, earning the ire of traditional sympathisers

Polymer side chains on the slide

Rotaxane research inspires polymer materials with dynamic, stimuli-responsive structures

Electricity – any time, any place
A device that harvests solar and movement energy could be incorporated in clothes, bags or flags

Corn microchips

A corn by-product has been used to make microfluidic sensing devices

Making nerve pathways in chips for brain studies
A microfluidic device could help scientists to study the progression of neuronal damage in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s

World’s longest carbon-carbon bond created
Balancing attractive and repulsive forces allowed chemists to make longer C-C bonds than ever seen before

Brewing up synthetic yeast

Yeast with a part synthetic chromosome have been created and could be used to manufacture drugs or polymers

Aspirin still has some secrets left to give up
Researchers discover an overlooked chemical interaction in aspirin that could help understand protein structure

Carbon capture schemes pose low risk to people

A new study estimates the health risks associated with carbon capture and storage

Turkish academics fight government interference

Academics will meet with the Turkish president to try to halt controversial government reforms

Ireland still attractive to pharma industry
An educated workforce and low tax means the pharma industry is still keen to invest despite the economic upheaval

Nanopore structures could tune drug crystallisation

The shape of nanopores on surfaces alters crystallisation rates, which could be important for fine chemical production

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