18 October 2010: Have something to say about an article you’ve read on Chemistry World this week? Leave your comments below…

This week’s stories:

UK carbon capture a one horse race
E.ON pull out of the competition to develop a CCS pilot, leaving ScottishPower the sole contender

Nanoparticles make leaves glow
Can street lights be replaced by trees? Taiwanese scientists believe that they can using gold nanoparticles to induce luminescence in leaves

Where on Earth has our water come from?
Evidence shows that water could have been present in the cosmic dust that formed the Earth

Extended elements: new periodic table
Proposed layout extends table from 118 to 172 elements

Studies probe key flu protein
Two new papers focus on the structure of a protein that could hold the key to new anti-flu drugs

Dancing facets reveal nanowire kinetics
Scientists snap sapphire columns taking two steps forward, and one step back

Mining soil DNA for molecular decorators
Enzymes buried in the genomes of soil bacteria can be harnessed to modify natural molecules in new ways

Science budget frozen in spending review
The UK’s science budget has been frozen until 2014 and higher education funding will bear the brunt of deep departmental spending cuts

Enzymes – a new ingredient for marine paint?
Cross-linked enzyme aggregates could have great potential in marine paints

Tumour detection takes an ultrasonic leap
Hollow silica nanoparticles filled with gas improve ultrasound imaging of breast cancer

Immigration cap could spell disaster for UK science
The UK could learn lessons from countries that have a separate immigration rule for scientists and university researchers

Red mud could prompt chemical rule review
The red mud in Hungary has brought EU rules under scrutiny

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