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This week’s stories…

Buckyballs give clue to space mystery
Fullerenes have been identified in space, raising the hopes of discoverer Harry Kroto that they hold the answer to a persistent astronomical problem

Microspheres help restore eyesight
Polymer microspheres could deliver stem cells to the eyes of patients to help restore sight destroyed by a common eye disease

Multifunctional anticancer molecules
Cationic conjugated polymers can take on a number of different roles when it comes to anticancer activity, say Chinese scientists

Volatile elements locked in moon rock
Theory that the Moon is depleted of volatile elements challenged as lunar mineral samples suggest levels are the same as on Earth

Building up graphene nanoribbons
Scientists use precursor molecules to build up graphene nanoribbons of precise widths that could be useful in nanoelectronics

Selenium-based quinones show anticancer promise
Novel selenium quinones obtained for the first time show anticancer potential

Cash boost for EU research
European Commission announces largest investment in research and innovation with a funding package worth €6.4 billion

SlipChip performs PCR
Scientists in the US are using a simple microfluidic device to perform the polymerase chain reaction

Designing porous patterns
Understanding how molecules behave at the solid-liquid interface has allowed chemists to create useful porous patterns on surfaces

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