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We had an email from a Chemistry World reader called Joey this morning, wondering about the logo on the ‘Technicals’ range of clothing at UK outdoors equipment shop Blacks.

The logo resembles a chemical structure, but it’s not entirely clear what the significance (if any) of such a molecule might be. Anyone out there have any ideas – the structure is a miss on Chemspider, but it might be worth running it through SciFinder or some other such database.

Joey, in his quest for an explanation, has apparently asked various university lecturers, school chemistry teachers, technicians and even Blacks head office but no-one is able to agree on what the structure is. He suggests it may be stylised, with some functional groups omitted for ‘design purposes’ but we’d love to know what you all think.

Happy hunting!

Phillip Broadwith

Update 4 June 2010.

Well, the general concensus so far seems to be that it is some kind of stylised neurochemical – @Stuartcantrill and @gingerbreadlady on twitter suggested it might be a layman’s adrenaline, which would fit more sensibly with the company making sports-related clothing, but the structure doesn’t really fit.

Rich Apodaca in the comments below suggested it might be an amphetamine-based metabolite of Ecstasy (3,4-methylenedimethoxymethamphetamine, MDMA) which is a better fit for the structure, but begs the question of why it’s appearing on Blacks jumpers and jackets…

Maybe we’re all missing something – maybe the Blacks designers are closet ravers, or maybe someone just doodled some geometric lines and thought – ‘that looks a bit “technical”, let’s use that…’

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