In response to the challenge from the guys over at the Sceptical Chymist and CENtral Science, here are the Chemistry World team’s favourite chemistry things – it was tough to pick 10, there are so many cool chemistry things…



. Crystals – especially when they’re pretty colours you can watch them spring into existence in front of your eyes (PAB)
2. Caesium in water and exploding hydrogen/oxygen balloons (NGN)
3. Fireworks generally and the thermite reaction in particular (MB)
4. Liquid nitrogen ice cream (NGN)
5. Being able to see atoms and molecules (PAB)
6. Nanoputians and nanocars etc (MB)


7. The Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction (PAB)
8. Really, really clean NMR spectra after 10 steps of synthesis (PAB)
9. The nano monster song (NGN)
10. Nano art – like the Nanobamas (BP)

That’s our list – check out others from ChemJobber (who started the whole thing off) and Azmanam. We’ll throw down the gauntlet to Totally Synthetic, the ChemSpiderman and Curly Arrow.

The Chemistry World Team

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