12 April 2010: Have something to say about an article you’ve read on Chemistry World this week? Leave your comments below…

This week’s stories…

First DNA rotaxane
German researchers devise a way of threading DNA through a hoop to create a wheel and axle structure

Ineos starts UK chemicals exodus
Ineos’s decision to relocate its operations to Switzerland may spark an exodus of chemicals companies from the UK

Congress proposes toxic chemical regulation reforms
US Congress issues legislation to update ancient toxic chemicals rules by placing more burdens on industry

Interview: Rivalling nature
Matthew Gaunt talks about creating molecules in the lab with the same ease as in nature

Mars meteor gets a boost of youth
Important Martian meteorite has been found to be half a billion years younger than previously thought

Lead joins the aromatic ring club
Japanese researchers show that lead can be incorporated into an aromatic ring, the heaviest metal so far to do this

Shanghai braces for chemical restrictions
Chemical transportation in Shanghai, China, will be strictly controlled during a six month long cultural exposition

Synthesis via paths less travelled
US scientists have demonstrated the existence of undiscovered chemical pathways to an important class of bioactive lipids in the nervous system

MOFs for medicine
US scientists have produced metal organic frameworks that release NO in a controlled manner for use in biomedical applications

Carbenium ions revealed
An important insight into the mechanism of hydrocarbon reactions has been revealed by chemists working in France

Balloon model bursts battery charge gap
Energy loss caused by previously ignored lithium ion exchange between storage particles inside a battery

Phosphorus fragments trapped
Carbenes have been used to trap and stabilise rare and elusive forms of phosphorus

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