A new report presented yesterday at the Copenhagen climate conference ranked 30 of the continent’s financial capitals according to the European Green City Index (see top ten green cities below). This index is an indicator of a city’s environmental performance and is measured against eight categories: CO2 emissions, energy, buildings, transport, water, waste and land use, air quality and environmental governance.

So how green are your city’s credentials? Well, very green if you happen to be a citizen of Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo – who were awarded top marks, no surprise there! – and a very much paler shade of the same colour if you find yourself living in Eastern European cities such as Bucharest, Sofia or Kiev, who are bottom of the class occupying the very last three positions.




Top ten green cities 

  1. Copenhagen 
  2. Stockholm
  3. Oslo
  4. Vienna
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Zurich
  7. Helsinki
  8. Berlin
  9. Brussels
  10. Paris

But what does this ranking show? Primarily that if your city performed well it is because it is probably quite wealthy. Sadly, green investment is still considered a luxury good. It is only those countries with national and local governments that have invested in environmental performance and sustainable development since as early as the 1970s – such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland – that now reap the benefits. After all green is also the colour of money….

 Bibiana Campos-Seijo



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