Metals in Biology BBSRC NIBB Proof of Concept Awards

Opportunity for £25,000 with a deadline on 25 September 2017

ON OFFER: Multiple £25,000 ISCF Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst “Proof of Concept” awards for Industry-Academia engagement to exploit metalloenzymes and underpinning Metals in Biology expertise, in the following aspects of Industrial Biotechnology:
1. Fine and speciality chemicals and natural products (e.g. fragrances, flavours, pharmaceutical intermediates)
2. Commodity, platform and intermediate chemicals and materials (e.g. plastics and textiles)
3. Liquid and gaseous biofuels
4. Peptides and proteins (e.g. enzymes, antibiotics, recombinant biologics)
and/or novel or improved upstream or downstream processes to reduce costs or improve efficiency.

Industry support can be anything from financial, in-kind contributions, intellectual input, letters of support etc. There is no obligation for any of these but they are encouraged.

● Projects must have an obvious connection to Metals in Biology and Industrial Biotechnology (see above list)

● Projects should start as soon as possible and be spent by 28 February 2018

● Projects are funded at 100% fEC and will cover direct costs only

● Purchase of small pieces of equipment, up to £10K in value, is eligible under the PoC awards. This must be for use within the project and be fully justified.

● All applicants must be members of the Metals in Biology Network

● Funding decisions will be conveyed by early to mid-October

Application process

1. Read the guidelines
2. Complete an application form
3. Complete Annex B (if applicable)
4. Complete a membership form(s) (if applicable)
5. Submit completed forms to: by noon 25 September 2017

Funded PoC projects can be viewed here

Funded BIV projects can be viewed here

Outcomes of completed PoC projects, BIV projects, case studies and articles:

Outcomes of completed PoC projects

Outcomes of completed BIV projects

Enhancing E.coli for optimal cofactor insertion into heme containing proteins

Proline hydroxylases for use in biocatalysis

Studies into the uptake and distribution of metal oxide nanoparticles in plants

Metallo-enzymes for production of nootkatol a potential new citrus flavour

A collaborative journey to greener chemicals

Novel disposable cell culture systems for microbial growth in metal regulated environments

Metal demands during protein overexpression in bacteria

Household biofilm chelation therapy

Optimizing metal acquisition by commercial metalloenzymes

Maximising biomarker detection sensitivity through metal-enhanced fluorescence

The use of platinum group metal nanoparticles in wastes from roadside verges for the production of high value catalysts

Assessing the bioavailability of metal ions accumulated by DRAM® filters

Adding value to galactomannan polysaccharides with copper enzymes

New routes for the expression of heme protein targets

Microbial recovery of metals from contaminated Miscanthus used in the industrial remediation of degraded landscapes

Investigating uptake and catalytic potential of Miscanthus grown on palladium mine wastes

Analysis of ferritin iron in pea flour

Kent and UCB partner on new strategy to boost antibody production

Investigating the antimicrobial properties of copper-infused fabrics

King’s College and ZiNIR chip in to design novel imaging system


Metals are the elements of life

Metals in Biology: Elements of the bioeconomy

Industrial biotechnology workshops kick-start academia-industry collaborations

Workshops kickstart a Rhodococcus molecular toolkit

Researchers come together to push green science forward

Metal-related antimicrobials: targeting the Achilles heel of bad bugs

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