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Several Metals in Biology BBSRC NIBB articles have been featured in Adjacent Government:

Metals in Biology: Elements of the bioeconomy

Industrial biotechnology workshops kick-start academia-industry collaborations

Researchers come together to push green science forward

A collaborative journey to greener chemicals

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Five UK Research Centres Form Alliance to Develop Bioeconomy

Five established research centres across the UK have formed a new alliance seeking to position Britain as a global leader in biorefining technology development and bio-based product manufacture. The founding centres of the BioPilotsUK projects are BEACON (Wales), the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC – York), the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI – Redcar), IBioIC (Scotland), and The Biorefinery Centre (Norwich).

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ADNet – The Anaerobic Digestion Network

Biocatnet – Network in Biocatalyst Discovery, Development and Scale-Up

BioProNET – Network in the Field of Bioprocessing and Biologics

C1NET – Producing Chemicals from C1 Gas

CBMNet – Crossing Biological Membranes Network

FoodWasteNET – Food Processing Waste and By-Products Utilisation

HVCfP – High Value Chemicals from Plants

IBCarb – Glycoscience Tools for Biotechnology and Bioenergy

LBNet – The Lignocellulosic Biorefinery Network

Metals in Biology Elements of Biotechnology and Bioenergy

NPRONET – Natural products discovery and bioengineering network

P2P -Network of Integrated Technologies: Plant to Products

PHYCONET – Unlocking the IB Potential of Microalgae…

The Nexus Network

Funded by the ESRC, the Nexus Network brings together researchers, policy makers, business leaders and civil society to develop collaborative projects and improve decision making on food, energy, water and the environment.

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