What is Metals in Biology, a BBSRC NIBB?

Metals in biology: elements of biotechnology and bio-energy is a BBSRC Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bio-energy (BBSRC NIBB).

Our aim is to develop multidisciplinary collaborations in the metals in biology community between industry and academia. Our goal is to accelerate the exploitation of transformative discoveries in this sub-discipline.

How do you become a member?

If you want to join the Network simply read the Terms and Conditions, complete a membership form, save it and email to: metals.bbsrcnibb@durham.ac.uk.

You can also register to use the Metals in Biology Network forum.

What will we be doing?

Seven key areas

We will be assembling teams and submitting grant applications to a variety of funding agencies in seven areas, see Themes.


The teams will be developed via workshops of 2 types: Open scoping workshops for about 20 people and follow-up ad hoc workshops for smaller defined grant teams to put together specific applications. Contact us with a list of the seven areas you are interested in so we can plan the workshops, if you are interested in more than one area, give a priority order. If you already have an idea for a grant application and a team, let us know and we can arrange ad hoc workshops to help you to develop the grant.

Grant applications

Information about the IB Catalyst fund can be found here.
Details of our proof of concept awards and business interaction vouchers can be found here.
Network membership is free of charge and is required if you are to apply for a grant linked to this NIBB.


There will be a large conference in 2016 and other activities yet to be finalised. Contact us with expressions of interest in the workshops ASAP, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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